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Hello May, Let's Rock and Roll

Saturday, May 2, 2015

As of right now...I am...

  • Feeling like it's time to start fresh, but still airing out the dirty laundry of the past few months.
  • Feeling unsettled, but getting better at accepting that's just the way it's going to be for awhile.
  • Feeling the pressure of work and family obligations, but needing to make time for myself.
  • Feeling grateful for all the people in my life, but guilty for not showing that appreciation enough.
  • Feeling a longing for more connection and friendship, but letting the everyday grind interfere.
  • Feeling the need to move more and eat healthy, but still reaching for dessert (and let's face it, wine) after a tough day.
  • And feeling a surge of desire to create and document, but falling short on time to take action.

But it's a new month, a new day, a new chance to turn things around and try my hand at beginning again. So, here's to the start of a new month, and moving from FEELING to DOING.

In that spirit, let's start with a little recap of projects I've been working on recently and over the past few months as part of the Ali Edwards Digital Creative Team. I continue to be so thankful for the inspiring products and lovely ladies that comprise this group. Best in the business, for sure.

I'll try not to be a stranger for quite so long next time...feels good to catch up!

Featured product: Ali Edwards April Click Digital Story Kit

Featured product: Ali Edwards Love Notes 3x4 Cards

Featured product: Ali Edwards Heart Real Life

Featured Product: Ali Edwards December Stories 3x4 Cards

 Featured Product: Ali Edwards Hello Goals 

Featured Product: Ali Edwards Follow Your Heart

Featured Product: Ali Edwards Together and January Gatherings Digital Story Kit

Featured Product: Ali Edwards Photo Grid No. 1 and Twenty Fifteen

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Hello Project Life 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Only 3 weeks in to 2015 and a game plan for documenting it has finally fallen into place. For all the mental energy I've put into this decision process, I probably could have finished my 2014 album, but that's a story for another day!

Like so many other lovers of Project Life I've followed for years, there seems to be a shake up in the air over how to best approach documenting everyday life this year. I think it's just a natural shift that happens when you've been in a groove with something for a long time, the need to mix things up, breathe some new life and energy into what's safe and comfortable. I completely get that...but for me it's more about getting into that comfortable, reliable, consistent groove than trying to shake it up. This is the year I finally want to feel like all the pieces of the puzzle come together.

Since I started digital scrapbooking almost 10 years ago, I've always bounced around with my memory keeping- several themed albums, weeks of Project Life here and there, journals/apps full of stories, loads of pictures, oh the pictures, and lots of "themed" layouts surrounding an event or activity in a Project Life style design. This year, I've finally settled on an approach that I've wanted to do for a long time, but never had the process down to make it successful. I'm taking a more hybrid approach and documenting 2015 in a physical album (I know, so revolutionary, right?). :)

This physical album will contain both paper layouts in mostly Project Life style divided page protectors, journaling recaps in 6x12 page protectors to begin each month of the album and digital layouts printed and held in 12x12 page protectors. I haven't decided on a leather WRMK album to use for the year yet, possibly buttercup, but for now, all of my pages are stored in a simple black Project Life album from the Becky Higgins "Just Add Color" bundle on purchased on HSN in 2013.

I'll be using a mix of products from the Ali Edwards Story Kits (paper and digital), Studio Calico Project Life kits, and Becky Higgins Project Life paper and digital supplies (I'm a hoarder of PL supplies, time to use that stash!). I'll print photos and cards at home on my Epson R2000 printer and larger layouts at Persnickety Prints. I'm tackling my obsession with taking photos by organizing them with Lightoom 5 and culling photos with Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone/iPad. Lightroom Mobile is seriously the BEST thing that has ever happened to my photo organizing process...I can cull from anywhere!

So far I've finished my 2015 title page and an January intro page. It's taken me awhile to get things settled in Lightroom, but I'm finally getting the hang of things thanks to many Adobe training videos. :)

Credits: January 2014 and 2015 Studio Calico Project Life kits, Studio Calico Golden Year 2015 Letterpress Calendar, Ali Edwards Twenty Fifteen brushes, Becky Higgins Project Life Design H and Design G page protectors

Credits: January Studio Calico 2015 Project Life kit, Studio Calico Golden Year 2015 Letterpress Calendar, Ali Edwards Twenty Fifteen brushes, Becky Higgins Project Life Design G Page Protector

I hope all of you are well on your way to documenting the big and little things of your 2015. I'm looking forward to sharing more pages from my album soon. Thanks for stopping by. Happy 2015!

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