Project Life 2013: Anatomy of a Title Page

Hello, 2013! And Happy New Year to all of you Project Life enthusiasts!

I hope you're well on your way to choosing your favorite stories from the first week of January. Whether you've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of one of the new core kits (Olive is here and Seafoam too!) before really getting started or you've been stockpiling supplies for years, a blank page can be both incredibly exciting and anxiety-producing at the same time (I speak from experience!). In fact, last year I was a Project Life Title Page drop-out. Despite my good intentions, I let indecisiveness and comparison get in the way of starting the process of recording my life in this awesome way. This time I vowed to overcome the tendency to want to know all of my options before starting and get over trying to create the perfect page in exchange for the empowering feeling of simply "getting things done".

I've decided to work with both the Clementine and Seafoam (coming soon) Core Kits this year. You can now find all of the digital versions at AC Digitals. I'll be creating all of my pages digitally (I'm a digi-gal at heart!) and printing the photos and journaling cards to also put in a physical Seafoam binder (also coming soon) along with more of the "stuff of life". I think these two core kits go together beautifully and can't wait to see them blended together throughout the year.

Without further delay, I'm happy to say, my title page is complete! If this is your first year of Project Life, I sincerely wish for all of you who've been putting this off as you soak up inspiration on Pinterest boards and new blog posts that you'll take an hour to put together your own page. Once you get something "down on paper" I promise you'll feel like this project is much more doable (because it absolutely is).

In case you might find it helpful, I'd like to share what I like to call my "Anatomy of a Title Page".

The 10 most essential pieces of this cover were:

1. Photos of all family members
2. Names and ages
3. Family name
4. The current year
5. Neutral background with lots of bright pops of color
6. A camera element
7. Welcome 2013 sentiments
8. Basic patterns and grids
9. A classic-looking font: Rockwell and a more funky-looking font: Elephant (2013)
10. One of my favorite design principles: the visual triangle to move your eye around the page (For example: Find the 3 gray/white circles- top right camera, bottom left "0" from 2013 and the bottom right circle with a star in the center AND the pops of yellow in the top left and right and bottom left "celebrate the everyday")

Becky Higgins Design A Template
Clementine and Seafoam Digital Core Kits
Emily Merritt Facebook Freebie- 2013 card (welcome)
Cathy Zielske Blog Freebie- Templates
Jessica Sprague Blog Freebie- Journaling cards

Again Happy 2013- it's going to be a great year! Please link me up to your title pages, I'd love to see them!


  1. I adore your title page--I still haven't done mine and I am not sure why. Just haven't felt inspired yet...but your page gives me some great ideas:)


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