Project Life 2013 | Week 4

Welcome to Project Life 2013, Week 4!

Since I'm playing catch-up for January, I decided to throw out the "rules" of chronology and finish weeks as I'm inspired...hence, Week 4 before 2 and 3! But I promise, they're in the works too.

I spent a large portion of this week in Stockholm, Sweden for my Ph.D defense. It was my first time being away from the girls and I'm working on an extra insert to document their time at home with Jay and their Gaba (Jay's Mom). But for the core of this week, I wanted to focus on my trip and how wonderful this experience was for giving closure to my years as an official "student".

Left side: (Top left) Title card from the Seafoam Core Kit. (Top right) View of Stockholm. Several of the panorama photos here were included with the help of Wikimedia Commons and Google Images to show-off the places I've seen and love in this beautiful city. (Middle) 3x4 Calendar Cards by Splendid Fiins and Writer's Blocks by Paislee Press. I also included the cover of my printed Ph.D. thesis. (Bottom left and right) Cards from the Seafoam Core Kit (modified to combine two cards on the right).

Right side: Photo Collages No. 1 by Designs by Lili at The Lilypad (Middle) Card from the Seafoam Core Kit.

And there's Week 4 so far. Playing catch-up on a weekly project like this is challenging. In reality, it's how I got so far behind last year that I was never able to fully invest in Project Life. But I promise, if you're in the same boat, you CAN do this. I'm determined to keep going and get back on track. I've been keeping my photos organized (daily and weekly) and starring my favorites that I know I want to use for a weekly spread in Adobe Bridge (where I do all my photo organizing, tagging, etc.). I've also been writing down daily notes on my iPhone using the Momento app. Seriously, the best thing that has ever happened to my memory!

Have you found yourself playing a bit of catch-up this year too? Maybe you've been on the fence and haven't had a chance to get started? It's never too late, really. Please let me know anytime if I can help with questions you have about Project Life. More Project Life posts planned for later in the week...see you soon.


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