New Project Life Themed Cards- Tennis

Up until my freshman year of high school, basketball was my favorite sport. As one of the tallest kids in my class, I was expected to be good at playing basketball (and I grade school!). So the summer before my sophomore year, I picked up a tennis racket and started playing just for fun with a friend on the single court in the Ford Addition park that turned into our neighborhood ice rink each winter. I was hooked from my first ace. Instantly I knew my days of running endless sprints to the whistle of an unforgiving coach and then sitting on the bench during the games were finally over. I joined the JV tennis team my sophomore year, met some of my very closest friends and teammates and in my junior and senior years played varsity doubles with one of the most successful tennis teams in our high school's history- U.P. State Champions! I loved tennis. Loved it. And one day I'll go back into the "archives" of my newspaper clippings and team photos and scrapbook about those years and memories. They were nothing short of amazing.

And a few weeks ago, Ella and I were walking through Target (and because I can never only keep my cart full of things officially "on the list"), we were wandering through the games and toys and she spotted a yellow tennis racket. Yes, finally! After I dusted off my racket and determined the strings wouldn't immediately snap on impact with the ball, we hit back and forth in the kitchen for a few days before deciding to take it to the courts.

If you've ever been the middle/south of the U.S. in the summer, you'll know it is H-O-T. But nothing deters the mind and determination of a four-year old, until Disney princesses are involved. Ella brought the princess magnets from Grandma's place to the court and after about 10 minutes of interest in attempting to hit the balls I threw to her and play singles against Grandma and I, she had a one-track mind for the princesses. We still had a great time and I had been anxious to get back out on the court. There is nothing quite like the refreshing smell of opening a new can of tennis balls!

When Becky Higgins announced that the new themed packs would include a tennis set, I knew right away I'd have to document these tennis stories that were such a huge of my young life. And, I couldn't be more excited to be finally share my passion for this sport with my littles. Maybe one day they'll find as much love for this sport as I did when I was younger (and I hope they find it even sooner than I did!).

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