Project Life Halloween Themed Cards

A little over a month ago, my girls and I were watching one of their favorite movies- Barbie and the Popstar (the only Barbie movie I can reasonably stand enjoy). The girls were pretending to change the color of their hair with a magic brush and singing loudly into their glitzy star wands that doubled as microphones when Ella got very excited about her sudden stroke of genius. She and Lily would be Tori and Keira for Halloween this year! So for the past 4+ weeks and the next few weeks, I'll continue to be asked 1) Is it Halloween yet? and 2) When are our Tori and Keira costumes going to be here!? Finally, I can say tell her that they are both on their way soon. I came *this* close to purchasing handmade costumes on Etsy (unlucky for me, Barbie and the Popstar was "so last year" in the costume department and has been replaced by Barbie Mariposa). But then Zulily saved the day with a much friendlier price tag and equally beautiful costumes that I'm sure will be added to the dress-up closet and get plenty of love in our house. They will be perfect and I can't wait for them to arrive in a few weeks, right on time for our Halloween Mini Session with the fabulous Meredith of 519 Photography. Yay! It's the first year I've asked someone else to take pictures of the girls in their costumes and I'm really looking forward to the pressure being off me that night and solely focused on trick-or-treating and a fun night with friends.

Last year, the girls wanted to be Rapunzel for Halloween, so we compromised a little and they both dressed up as their favorite Disney Princess (of the Month). Ella proudly posed in her wedding gown, complete with veil, diamond ring and bouquet of flowers. And Lily happily twirled around in her traditional purple gown exclaiming "Mommy, I pretty!".

Today I stopped by Hobby Lobby and was excited to see the brand new line of Project Life theme cards lining the wall. As much as I wanted to put each one into my cart, I decided on just one to complete my next project- a mini Halloween project that will include Ella's first Halloween, Lily joining us the following year, through now and beyond. I'll be using a midnight Project Life mini album + the new theme cards. Pictures of the first few pages will be posted later this month. But for now, I'm sharing my latest digital pages using the very same set. I love how this two-page spread turned out. The neutral Halloween colors are perfect for any pictures, even ones filled with pretty princesses!

Credits: Becky Higgins Project Life Halloween Theme Cards, Templates A and G at

Two-page layout:

Left side: Design A

 Right side: Design G

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